Teen Wolf 2×12 Season Finale Review!

Farewell Teen Wolf, thanks for making our Summer/Winter a fun and entertaining one.
Last night marked the close to yet another season of MTV’s smash hit show, that did so well that it scored a bulked up 24 episode run when it returns for it’s third season..
But enough of the small talk, here’s what went down in the massive season finale.

Jackson finally became a werewolf, or so we think.. He underwent some major developments last night.. like getting back with Lydia and losing the controller etc. (finally!) Look forward to see what goes down for both of them next season!

Grandpa Argent is out.. well i hope so! as it was revealed that he had cancer and was out for himself to live? hating for Gerard went up a whole knew level because of his selfishness.. but this story-line was admittedly bland as we’ve seen all this done before! Wasn’t quite as shocking as it could have been..

There are other Alphas out there! This was one of the most exciting developments of the finale , right up there with Jackson becoming a werewolf.. Who are they? and what do they want? .. It looks like the gang are in for a whole new problem.

Allison finally went back to being normal and broke up with Scott, but it’s obvious that these 2 will reunite as what is stopping them now, right? And by the way, we must give some heads up to her dad! He stood up to his Gramps and teamed up for Scott!! Go Argent!!

Before we go for the finale time this Summer/Winter.. Here’s a few side notes from the finale.. Allison rocked it once more during the fight, and speaking of the fight.. who else got goosebumps! I loved how they used the new season’s theme song during the whole thing. Also, who else liked the nice little bit at the end of the ep? Scott is always outwitting his good old buddy Stiles.

Finally, what was the vet and counselor up to? and which side are they on?
The only thing we know about them is that they are actually father and daughter, the rest of our unanswered questions will have to wait till the show returns.

Overall, a great finale to an exhilarating season, that managed to pack in everything that Teen Wolf is by making fans feel satisfied yet wanting more as further developments and revelations came to light.

So adios to Teen Wolf for yet another year, we will be waiting with open arms for it’s super-sized return.
Let’s hope the show can keep up the greatness that was season 2.

Overall Rating: