Pretty Little Liars 3×12 “The Lady Killer” Episode Review!

Boy, oh boy! Was it just me or did PLL deliver one of its best mid-season finales, ever?!
It was an episode filled with many shockers that left us glued to our screens and on the edge of our seats!
Here’s a brief run-down of what went down in ‘The Lady Killer‘.

Turns out Paige was not an evil conniving stalker!..For now..But it was in fact Maya’s so-called cousin Nate! (or should I say Linden?) Turns out that Nate, aka Linden actually happens to be Maya’s crazy ex-lover which was the one who murdered poor Maya out of jealousy, because she was in love with Emily and not him. Shortly after this shocking news was delivered to us, we learn that Maya wasn’t the last on Nate’s ‘To Kill’ list as he had also captured Paige and was threatening to kill her in front of Emily by slitting her throat with a knife, to make her pay for taking Maya away from him. (Cry us a river?) Emily managed to escape while Nate was distracted and ran out of the cabin knowing he would chase her because of what she knew and leave Paige alone. Anddd, The Hero award goes to…Emi–Oh wait, let us continue..Emily runs out into the woods trying to a place where she can get reception to call the Police, but she manages to find it in a small room. As you guessed it! Stalker Nate locates Emily with his stalker senses, and through a tough physical fight Emily manages to stab Nate with his own knife! (Yay?!)

Caleb shortly shows up after Emily stabs Nate, super genius Caleb puts his gun on the bench while comforting Emily with his back turned to Nate which is unconsciously on the ground, then BAM! Caleb gets abruptly shot. (I’ll be taking that Hero award back Emily!) We have no idea who really shot Caleb, but shocking it was indeed! Hannah then becomes an emotional wreck as Caleb’s life now hangs in the balance..Then beep, beep, beep..Caleb dies. No, I’m just kidding! Wipe those tears away!.. (My stalker senses, I mean..My normal senses tell me that Caleb will live to see another day). Hannah had warned Caleb about using the gun earlier in the day, and him not listening to her and taking it anyway, lead to it all blowing up in his face.

*Yaaawn* And the least most exciting event of the night, oops! I mean, most “exciting!” Goes to Aria and Ezra’s baby drama, why are these two always in these type of situations?. Now Aria is helping Ezra’s ex, Maggie keep her child a secret after revealing that there is much more complications to her story, and as usual Aria kept it as she’s all about secrets. I guess Ezra needs some story-line too, but at least try and make them more interesting as we’ve seen this story-line already been done to death. Right?! WHO’S WITH ME?!..No one? Okay..

And now finally, for the most shocking part of the night! The BetrAyer is (SPOILER ALERT!)..Stop reading if you have not watched it!..I said stop, why are you still reading? Yeah you, you haven’t watched it..I’m warning you..Okay, you asked for it.


Toby!!.. I must say that I saw it coming once he returned to our screens tonight when he re-united with Spencer, his beloved other half, or so we thought..

I’m unsure if it was the first time they did it.. as I specifically remember her wanting to wait, and she did it at the worst time possible as we now know that she may have slept with the person behind all the terror in her life AND is pregnant with him! Okay, minus the last part! When I say may, I really emphasise that as it is unclear what his motives are as he could be doing this to protect Spencer, or was he waiting to sleep with her to ruin her even more? A lot of other past details also do not add up to Toby being A or even wanting to be on the A team,..Stuck in her daydream, been this way since 18..Sorry, got distracted there!. I guess we’re going to have to wait for the show’s return to provide us with our much-needed explanations.

Some other relevant points to mention..Garret is free! Is he really innocent or nothing but bad news? Who shot Caleb? as we only got to see a window view of the gun going off after Caleb hugged Emily.. and what is the A’s game? How come A warned Emily and who else is happy that their framing Paige plan failed?

Overall, an excellent mid-season finale that was full of shocking and surprising twists that many did not see coming, which is what makes this show a worthy watch. It managed to keep up and out-beat itself after last week’s improvement to an otherwise average start to the season. From here on-out, the show looks to be headed upwards as more interesting developments boil to the surface for the next half of the season. Who else can’t wait till October for the special Halloween train episode?! I say bring it on!

Reviewed By: Shahbaz & Rinoa

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