Pretty Little Liars 3×09 “The Khan Game” Review/Recap!

A much better improvement to last week’s lack luster episode as it continued some previous mysterious of the disappearance of Maya and the Allison’s dug up body.. 
Despite these follow ups the episode still didn’t move fans any further in terms of revelations or clues.
Here’s a quick rundown of the highlights of the episode.
Ezra is a father? Apparently when he was a teen he got Maggie pregnant in which his mother covered up (Ezra had a really shady life!). Aria found this all out thanks to newcomer Wesley, who was revealed to be his brother. Spencer struggled to juggle her studies and Velma masquerade (yes! I loved the Scooby reference.) leading her to attend a party in which CeCe promised to get her into UPenn. 
All this lead us to an intense game of truth or dare with no other than Jenna and Noel. Was a great scene but did not develop anything for fans to grasp on to in solving the mystery. All in all, at least we got to see Spencer get into UPenn.. she deserves it!
In the mist of all this, Hannah and Caleb reunited as she finally trusted him enough to tell him about A, in which I’m really pleased with as it dragged on throughout the show. It will be even more interesting to see as they now have a hacker up their sleeves who knows whats going on!
Finally, Emily was finding happiness last night with Paige as she finally decided to move on with her life, but before she could make this step she found out about the Maya videos allowing her to close up all loose ends she still held.
Overall, a much better episode that entertained us by making it an emotional and fun outing rather than delving further into the ongoing mysteries. I hope that the show starts to pick up on the main mysteries and not put them on the back burner as it becomes tiresome for fans to wait any longer.
Overall Rating:


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