Teen Wolf 2×10 “Fury” Episode Recap/Review

This week , we were given yet another mind-blowing episode of Teen Wolf, that answered a numerous amount of ongoing questions in a non-stop action packed style.
Here’s a rundown of went down in this jam packed episode.

Allison has gone all out crazy and joined the Argents to hunt down the wolf pack, and her number 1. target is Derek! She is on a path of revenge for her mother in which her dad and Grandpa encourage.. I wonder what was in the letter her mother left for her that made her go all out crazy! It was hard watching her betray Scott ,   as she just kept to her mission without listening to him. I wonder if she will continue this path before the season’s end .. i must say that seeing her go all feisty (especially when attacking Matt) was really exciting to see.. but i hope she chooses the right side next week to put her amazing skills to good use.

Scott had a major number of numerous developments in this episode, as he was had to finally face the consequences of revealing his wolf secret to his mum. We didn’t get a proper reaction but i guess we will next week, but judging by her facial reaction its not gonna be hugely accepting. We also got given a new revelation in that he had made a deal with Grandpa Argent to protect himself in which Derek over hears. I didn’t see that one coming.. but the question is did he make a right decision in doing so?

Speaking of Grandpa Argent, boy didn’t he have a huge role in this episode? He persuaded his grand-daughter into putting aside her emotions and acting on strategy. He also made the deal with Scott which allowed him to kill Matt and become the new Kanima controller! But Peter was watching from above and he now knows how to gain access to control Jackson.. Things are about to get a whole lot worse from now on for the everyone!

Now on to the major revelation of the night, Matt! We finally uncovered his motives in that he was killed by his swim team after attending a party. It was also revealed why he chose his certain victims and how he made the connection with Jackson into becoming his controller. The clues all made sense as whatever he imagined happened thanks to Jackson. And by the end i kind of felt sorry for him after learning his story.. but i guess it was his true fate to die.

Onto some side notes, Lydia and Derek’s pack were nowhere to be seen once again tonight, but we got a lot more focus on Derek in his newly weak state after being clawed by the Kanima.. Stiles was left helpless as usual, but delivered all the comedy of night. His scenes with Derek were as hilarious as they’ve been throughout the show.

Overall, another amazing episode of Teen Wolf that continues to outdo itself each week throughout this season as it brought everything to full blow as there were no longer any burning questions to be answered. This allowed for the show to fill in any gaps and provide an action-packed installment before leaving fans with even more revelations to entice them when heading into the finale two episodes of the season.

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