Teen Wolf 2×09 “Party Guessed” Episode Review

Wow, what an episode! Does this season ever stop giving us thrilling episodes each week..
Last night was full of excitement, suspense, emotion and twists..
Here’s a rundown of what went down..

Lydia! After two weeks of her going missing, we finally returned to her newly revealed connection to Peter.. We saw her getting attacked by him in a dream sequence right at the beginning before giving her a twisted mission to spike the punch in order for her to distract the gang and bring Peter back to life..
And did it work it? Yes, and in the most shocking way with Peter returning as the Alpha as Lydia drags Derek to his dead body which therefore then removes Derek of his Alpha powers.. I Really hope he gets them back very soon!

Now on to Stiles, I was shocked to see his dad talk to him like that and for the first time we saw an even deeper side to Stiles in terms of his guilt over his mother.. but soon after, viewers found that it was all a hallucination due to the deadly punch Lydia created. Despite seeing his deeper side, we also still got some classic Stiles moments with him giving his love of his life Lydia a wrapped up over-sized present that he struggled to get through the door.

Now on to the biggest emotional development of the night, who knew we could feel so much for Allison’s crazy mother Victoria who took her own life due to the families beliefs of werewolves?.. I really hoped that Argent would of stopped her, but due to the deranged Grandpa Argent’s heavy convincing.. it didn’t happen.
I even shed a few tears during the scenes shared between Victoria and her husband during the final moments.. Including Allison’s breakdown after finding out.

Finally, We now know who the Kanima controller is.. Its Matt!.. Who would of known? I sure didn’t and actually like that he is the controller because he was not heavily suspected of being so, and another new question to come of this revelation is to why his on a mission to seek revenge on a swim class?.
Now on to Jackson, who had little presence in the episode but despite this, we still got to see some more emotional development with him seeing his no-face parents via punch hallucination. We still feel sorry for both Lydia and Jackson as their all being stringed around by their masters.. I cant wait till we see them finally break free!

Some worthy side-notes, Derek’s wolf pack were great last night as they went all wolf crazy during the final winter full moon before Isaac helped Derek keep them in order. Scott and Allison did not make up, but they should soon! Scott also had a crazy punch hallucination that was quite ugly, with Allison making out with Jackson in both human and Kanima form! which allowed fans to see Scott’s jealousy towards seeing Allison with Jackson.

Overall, another excellent jam packed episode of Teen Wolf, that delivered on all fronts with the episode amping up all emotional and suspenseful aspects of the show that finally answered some ongoing questions created throughout the season before closing the episode with even more twists and excitement to look forward to as the season reaches it’s final three week home stretch.

Overall Rating:


Next Week Episode’s PROMO:
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