Teen Wolf 2×07 “Restraint” Episode Review

This week’s teen wolf was another eye popping episode (and we mean this literally) and was also quite confusing with many story lines unraveling all within this jam packed 40 minute episode.
Lets start with the biggest mind meddling story line that is Lydia.. We somewhat learned of what is happening to her in that the guy she met was in fact the young Peter.. and from my interpretation is that he is going to use her to bring him back to life with the wolfsbane flower he made her find.. Lets hope all this confusion is cleared up next week and that we learn what Peter’s true motives are.
Speaking of mind meddling, what was going on with Jackson?.. Swallowing snakes, attacking Allison in the nude, a snake popping out of his eye, and writing a message on a blackboard whilst being controlled..
Despite all this, I kind of feel sorry for the guy as he is suffering from being controlled into what he is and doesn’t even know what is going on with him. 
Last night also gave us another clue as to who is the master of Jackson as Mr Harris spotted the same Einstein quoted sticker we saw when the Kanima touched the car … So is he the master or not?, I guess we will find out next week.
Meanwhile, Allison’s mum is back to snooping on her and Scott after Scott’s mum provides her some new information in that their still dating even though their numerous attempts to hide it. It will be interesting to see what she does about it next week. 
On another note, we were also introduced to a new couple who died by the Kanima and a mysterious hooded man. The questions to come out of this is who or what is the baby? and who is the mysterious hooded figure?
Lastly, Stiles and Erica!.. I guess we now know Stiles new love interest after Dylan O’Brian revealed that his character will be finding new love which now seems to be Erica. I admit that i like them together as there both completley opposite to each other, and the references to Robin and Batman made you love them even more. Didn’t they both share something before Erica turned into a werewolf? I guess we will see how all this turns out next week. 
On a side note, we didn’t get much Derek in this ep but got more of the new photographer who got caught up in all the action by finding out about the Kanima whilst getting scratched by it. What will happen to him by surviving the attack?
Overall, another great addition to the season that gave fans some confusing answers to past burning questions, but despite this.. it still managed to be a wildly entertaining ride with nonstop action and suspense. I hope that next week’s episode clears everything up and allows us to grasp more of what just unraveled in this mind puzzling episode.
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