Top 10 Cliffhangers that kept fans on the edge of their seat!

Another big season of television is over, so here’s how we rated the top players this season.
10. The Big Bang Theory
While not a huge cliffhanger, we are still curious to see how Howard copes with his first ever space mission and how it will effect the members of the big bang gang.. Will be interesting to see how Season 6 plays out.
9. Glee
Although not it’s best season, we managed to get a good cliffhanger, will Rachel reunite with Finn and what will happen to the glee gang?
8. Gossip Girl
There was no huge cliffhanger this season but did manage to get us excited for the reboot formula for it’s final ever season this fall.

7. The LA Complex

While this show returns in July, the season finale still managed to provide fans with a cliffhanger, will Conner survive the house fire and how will Abby and Nick’s relationship progress.

6. Ringer
Although there will be no new season for this short lived season, fans were still  left with a cliffhanger that Bridget finally knew about Siobhan. Too bad we will never know.
5. Hart Of Dixie
 The first cliffhanger for this is one that was playing throughout the season.. Will Zoe choose Wade or George?
4. Revenge
The smash hit new series ended with a bang, fans were left with many question and one in particular.. Who Will Die?
3. How I Met Your Mother
This series has had its fare share of cliffhangers but this takes the cake, how did Robin and Barney end up together? and what will happen to Ted by re sparking his romance with Victoria.
2. 90210
90210 always manages to provide a great cliffhanger, and this season was no exception.. Ivy is gone, Silver ask Ted to have her baby, Max & Naomi are back together, Annie is alone again, Conniving Vanessa is back, Adrianna sets of with Austin to further her music career and the biggest shock of all.. What will happen to Dixon ? All will be revealed this fall.
1. The Vampire Diaries
This season was one of the biggest cliffhanger of the show, fans were left stunned as to whether Elena is a Vampire or not.. It’s going to be a very interesting season as to how this plays out and what direction the show will take when heading into it’s fourth season.