Teen Wolf 2×04 – “Abomination” Episode Review

Last night’s teen wolf was intense and managed to continue building up the unraveling main plots of the season, with the shapeshifter.. now recently revealed as the Kanima reaching new lengths.

Lets start of with Stiles for a change, he was once again at his best in this episode.. with many humorous actions (Stiles acting as the communicator between Alison and Scott) and dialogue throughout.. We first saw him last night trying to get his car fixed but that turned into a designer with the Kanima’s slime leaving his paralyzed making watch helplessly as his mechanic is killed. We also learned that Stiles recognized the creature. We also then got some funny Scott/Stiles humor with even more Lydia/Stiles hilarious scenes with him trying to comfort her while she is down. Speaking of Lydia, she was once again all over the place, with her waking up to discover blood all over her sheets, causing her mum to send her to therapy were she meets the school guidance counselor and a new young male student. Will be interesting to see were these new developments will lead Lydia.

Scott was yet again in even more dangerous water this week, with Grandpa Argent on his back.. as he figured out about Scott’s curse after healing from an injured leg caused by his lacrosse game. It was quite funny seeing the Argent family with Scott again, since they know about his curse now… And Grandpa Argent the conniving man he is picked it up and by the episodes end, we saw him stab him leaving Scott in pain.. as he actually bleeds from the stabbing rather than become quickly healed.
Allison was on a mission with Stiles to retrieve her grandpa’s secret book.. Did anyone else hate Grandpa even more for telling of Allison, he also compared her to her dead Aunt.. he really is heartless. In the end it was a waist of time, since the wolf gang already manage to figure out what the new shapeshifter really is. Jackson also faced a new shock, with him learning via Danny and the mysterious new cameraman friend that 2 hours of his attempted transformation video had gone missing.. Could he be the Kanima? will have to find out next week.
Derek and his crew began training, but became interrupted as he got himself into a life threatening situation after interrogating Stiles, as the Kanima decided to drop by and cause trouble. Derek got clawed by it leaving him helpless, in which Stiles came to the rescue… saving him from drowning due to its paralyzing venom ( was quite funny seeing Derek, the Alpha in need of Stiles). Scott later came to the rescue and scared it off by it seeing its own reflection, revealing that the shapeshifter is confused of who it is..
That means we know two of its weaknesses.. Water and its own reflection.
On another the note..the new recently turned wolves were still present in last night’s ep but had little significance, they will definetley have more impact in future eps to come.
Overall, it was another solid episode into this season’s great run.. Giving fans even further development into the shows main plots, providing viewers even more clues into the mystery of the Kanima which will finally be revealed next week as fans will learn if their suspicions were true.
Overall Rating:
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