Teen Wolf 2×03 “Ice Pick” Episode Review

What an episode!! Teen Wolf is back and better than ever.. How much was packed into last night’s episode?.. It also delved deeper into the new creature mystery providing fans with some tasteful clues as to who it may be but once again left us with even more questions, making us want more as the episode came to an end.

First off, how cruel is the Argent family.. (although quite entertaining) for making Allison take on a random training session without any preparation from her dad, and of coarse Allison managed to pass this obstacle.
The battle lines between the hunters and wolves continues to develop, and i sense that the relationship is about to face some major obstacles… But it was nice to see Allison and Scott having some fun at the ice rink.. very funny that a Scott, a werewolf can not skate. Also Allison’s mum continues to further research her suspicions by cutting herself (Crazy?? Right?) and manipulating Scott’s mum for information in which she gains.

What is going on with Lydia and Jackson.. after last season’s finale these two continued to act strange, although still maintaining their same old personalities from season one. Lydia began to hallucinate in this episode, seeing the old Alpha appear all over the place.. and Jackson continued to be mad over his failed transformation of becoming a wolf, he also outlines his douches we all remember from season one by taking it on poor Lydia.
By the end of the episode though it seems that the bite has had a effect on Jackson, but we are still yet to learn of what effect it has had.. My suspicion is that he may be the new creature in town.

I also liked that the show is giving is us some new characters, and these characters have some interesting dynamics in that Isaac’s problems with school, family and now the two other characters Erica and Boyd introduced into this episode.. Erica is definitely one of the most interesting ones with her past medical problems and being bullied , i enjoyed seeing her transformation into a werewolf as we got to see her gain momentum all in one episode.
Also wasn’t that fight in the ice rink awesome! reminiscent of season one with Scott vs. Derek but now as the Alpha.

Last but definitely not least, Stiles.. He was once again his usual self but just as good as season one due to his interaction with more characters, and especially Lydia who was also once again back to her funny roots.. It was hilarious seeing  Stiles try to communicate with her at the ice rink.. Loved the awkward chocolate breaking.. Stiles has some really good dynamics with the whole cast, and is the main source of comic relief throughout the show.

Overall, it was another epic episode into the already promising season that is season two, with plenty of thrills to keep you on the edge of your seat and continued to provide fans with even more burning questions. Stay tuned for another sure-to-be epic episode of Teen Wolf next week, and hopefully we get even more questions answered.

Overall Rating:


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