Teen Wolf 2×01/2×02 Episode Reviews!

Season 2 , Episode 1 “Omega”
Teen wolf returned with a bang last night.. It delivered throughout its 40 mins with some great opening scenes and a fresh energetic new opening sequence!
This season really feels like the shows been amped up and it all shows from the new improvement in the special effects department , hands down is MTV’s best show right now. Okay let’s get down to what went down.
Allison and Scott are hiding their relationship after Allison accepts his curse while her family will stop at nothing to separate them. And it loons set to be even more difficult for the two as Allison’s grandpa shows up with a vengeance.
Derek is on his mission to create a new wolf pack , now that his an Alpha.. But starts to see potential problems with his transformations as Jackson is now part of his pack, but refuses to join his group. But an even bigger worry is why Jackson’s body is rejecting the wolf bite by disputing black liquid from his nose and mouth.
The omega wolf showed up, searching for the Alpha but instead was violently killed by the hunters , showing what brutality any other wolf would face as the gramps is not following any rules in killing them off.
Lydia’s fate remains unknown, as she takes off in the nude, And is later found by Stiles in the woods.. Can’t wait to see whats going on with her!
Speaking of Stiles, it’s great to have his comedic presence back on our screens, will be interesting to see what new developments his character has in store this season.
That’s a wrap for the first great EP of the season . What did u think of the premiere? Share your thoughts in the comments.
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Season 2, Episode 2 “Shape Shifted”

Yet another great ep to kick of the sure to be exhilarating season! There was plenty of thrills and chills in which Teen Wolf always provided in it’s first season.

Although not as gripping as the first episode, we were treated to seeing some old friendship alas Derek and Stiles. There was also a great opening to the episode with the new wolf in town and his dad.

Lydia returned back to school but Jackson showed no interest in getting back together, other than that she went missing from the rest of the night, could she be the newly revealed lizard type creature? hmm, very interesting.

Allison helped Scott in caging him from anyone’s harm, but that failed as the new lizard creature showed up and threatened Allison. Scott of coarse came to save the day. Also Allison’s grandpa Gerard became principle helping him in catching any teen wolf’s in the school playground. Scott and the new wolf Isaac better keep an eye out, as this guy has no sympathy when it comes to wolves.

Lastly, Jackson’s transformation wasn’t successful, as he taped himself during the full moon.. It still unknown as to why this happened, another interesting question to be answered.

Overall, another great part to the 2 part beginner for the season , It managed to provide all of what Teen Wolf is.. great suspense, drama and humor.
By the looks of it where in for a thrilling season of Teen Wolf.
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