How I Met Your Mother 7×23/7×24 Season Finale Episode Review

 In pure HIMYM style, the season finale went out with a bang as fans were once again left with even more burning questions.. Here’s a rundown of both parts 1 and 2 of The Magicians Code.
Part 1
Lily gave birth to Marvin Wait For It Erikson.. It was great to get some humor from Ted and Robin as they tried to comfort her by telling past gang event stories.(Barney’s terminator and the mysterious door were both highlights)
Marshall was still stuck in Las Vegas before finally making it in time for the birth , and fulfilling Barney’s bet of making there babies middle name Wait For It!
Part 2
This is we’re everything big went down as we returned to Barney’s wedding day via Ted telling his kids the story.
While at the hospital, Robin has a talk with Ted telling him he needs to close certain chapters of his life, and to move on with his life Robin told Ted to contact Victoria, as Ted really though she was the one.. and to truly know if she is, he needs to try and revisit this relationship. Once he gains contact with her and asks her on a date, she turns up in a wedding dress having feed her wedding day to return to Ted.
Ted decides to give it another go and drive of with her into the sunset after much confusion over whether or not he could let her leave her current love for him. We all know she’s not the mother so will be great to see Ted finally close unfinished chapters of his life.
Now on to the big news, Barney’s bride was revealed.. but before we get to that, lets see how he got there..
Barney reunited Quinn after taking a break from each other by attempting to leave with her on holidays, in which they were held up for in airport security, which is were Barney proposed to her via his very amusing magic trick. He then revealed the news to his best friends , but it was with Robin that we sensed that there was still a connection between the two and by the end we were finally given the identity of the bride in which much expected to be was Robin. It was coming from a mile away, but it will be great to see how the two both reached this climatic moment.
Overall, it was another great season finale from the HIMYM team as the the seasons beginnings finally wrapped up nicely, as it truly set up the next epic season to come. After the big season finale, the stories have begun to feel like the first step into the final road of this truly great show.
Overall Rating:
See you next season HIMYM fans, for a could-be finale time!