How I Met Your Mother 7×22 Episode Review- Good Crazy

Last night’s HIMYM was another entertaining episode which had some major character development, the filler episodes have ended and now we have reached the home run as there are only 2 more weeks until the 1 hour season finale airs.

The episodes main focus was on Lily and Marshall as they prepared for there unborn baby, Marshall was going to extreme lengths and pestering Lilly before Barney intervenes and takes Marshall to a club and get drunk, in which he succeeds but when Lily tries to contact him Barney made the mistake of switching them off and by the end Barney gets a phone call that Lily has gone into Labor, the baby is finally on it’s way.. i enjoyed the humor from these two as always and finally had some more story to work with.

Ted was having Robin fever as he tried to re-enter the dating world but every girl he met ended up triggering memories of Robin and therefore ruining his dates, he manages to have a one night stand with a random girl which delivered one of the funniest lines of the night ( the funny pallet references). To move on with his life he had to face Robin and solve there difference and once they run into each other there is no time for it as Robin arrives to tell Ted that Lily has gone into labor, they also seem to have got over there hiccup. Although entertaining, this story line feels tired out as we’ve seen this over and over again this season.

Barney continues to feel uncomfortable about Quinn’s stripper gig and tries to get her to work for his company but then reveals that she thinks his job is more wrong then hers, she gets upset over this as she feels he cant accept her for what she is.. Will he take the leap and ask her to marry him in a attempt to make Quinn quit her stripper gig or will he move on with his life? And who is the mysterious bride that Barney will wed after being introduced in the opening to the season.. All will be revealed in the upcoming season finale.. lets hope so..

Overall, a great episode that left it’s filler status and returned to it’s major character story lines which put the gear into drive for the big one hour season finale where this season’s lingering questions should finally come full circle. The season finale airs Monday , May 14th.

Overall Rating: