Gossip Girl 5×22 Episode Review – Raiders Of The Lost Art

What an episode of Gossip Girl, the gang finally reunited last night with the always ever so deception from their very own friends. Let’s take a look at what went down in this eventful episode.

First up, the major shock of last night was that Chuck’s father Bart was actually alive after assumabley faking his own death which is bound to be explained in the final weeks to come. This was a major shock since Bart has been missing for a long time from the show.

Serena continued to become someone she is not before finally getting a kick back to reality by Nate and Lola who framed her in finding the real Gossip Girl (she was so closeee to be seeing) as they laptop was once again returned to it’s gossip queen. Serena was helping Diana which was caught by her friends before finding out about Diana’s true motives, By the end Serena was alone and once again rethinking her life.

Blair finally returned to her old true self, by humor sly taking on the fake identity of Diana in a scheme to help Chuck find out what she is hiding, we still are yet to find out what role she plays in the Bart mystery, it was nice to see her going back to scheming with Chuck. Dorota also got a role in the scheme which made the episode even more entertaining as she as usual delivers her famous funny lines. The question is will she further to revel in her old self after seeing the emotional hold it has on her or move on and change her ways.

Dan was offered to move to Rome to further his writing career which he denies after becoming jealous of Blair hanging around with Chuck again, and that if he leaves she will be vulnerable enough to return to him. But by the end Blair returned to Dan after facing the emotional side of her old self and was happy to be back in Dan’s arms who lies to her about his Rome offer being declined.
But is Dan’s lack of trust in Blair a one way ticket to splits-vile? from next week’s promo it looks as if Dan accepts the offer and offers Blair to join him, this story is set to reach a climax as we reach the end of the season.. lets hope it satisfies the fans.

Overall, a great episode which gave us a taste of the old gossip girl and delivered in what gossip girl is all about, twists and non stop drama throughout with little lacking story lines and once again built a strong momentum for the final two episodes of the season which is sure to be a explosive season finale if it continues to follow the path of tonight’s episode.

Overall Rating:


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