Glee Season 3 Finale Eps : Last 3 Eps Reviewed!

Glee made a great return with its last 4 episodes, so check out what we thought of the last couple eps of the season.

Season 3 Episode 19 – Prom-asaurus

What a great Prom episode, really liked how the writers played out the gang’s final high school prom, with Rachel finally being crowned prom queen. It had humor, drama and everything Glee used to give in its early days. We saw relationships and characters come full circle, Becky live out her dream and Brittany chuck a dinosaur themed prom (never heard of that one before). Also there were some great covers in this episode, especially Quinn and Santana’s rendition of ‘Take My Breath Away’ and Santana’s cover of ‘Love You Like A Love Song’.
Overall Rating:

Season 3 Episode 20- Props

Really enjoyed this episode as we got to see what it would be like if our character were someone different, also a great cover of ‘Mean’ by Coach Bieste and Puck. It also managed to fix up the sloppy dealings of the serious issue of domestic violence. It all wrapped up nicely as they gang geared up for Nationals.

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 Season 3 Episode 21- Nationals

Glee headed to Nationals, and yess they sure did deliver, with some major character finally developing even further as the crew gears up to say goodbye. Also the guest appearance from Lindsay Lohan was greatly welcomed, as it added some nice humor to the episode.

Overall Rating:

Season 3 Episode 22- Goodbye

A really great and emotional send off for the graduating class of 2012! It had some really touching scenes with certain characters (Quinn and Sue saying goodbye) and managed to deliver yet another huge shock by the end.
Will be interesting to see which direction Glee will head in for Season 4.

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