The Avengers Movie Review

Another major blockbuster of the year, with theaters selling out many sessions on it’s first day of release..
The theater was packed out , and anyone who got to see the film would think it was well worth it as Marvel managed to provide one of its most epic superhero films in its string of huge hit films.
With an assembly of six superheroes, its usually difficult to make a great film with so many characters to focus on, but this proved that it can surely be done.
With plenty of comedy and action for audiences, ‘The Avengers’ provide for a entertaining movie to keep everyone satisfied. It provides in all it set out to be and ties in with all the other Marvel superhero movies that led up to this film.It can be confusing for some audiences to understand the chronological order and how it all fits, it also had me wondering.. 
but perhaps major fans will be able to understand this much more.
The film’s structure was well thought and flowed nicely throughout its 2 hour and a half run time as it created a great balance between the story , action, drama etc. which made it a quick paced film, which is often difficult as audiences can easily be bored . The 3D was also done quite well for a post 3D conversion, as it was not to distracting with some great 3D moments from time to time. The CGI and cinematography was once again top notch as Marvel usually provides with great acting from the whole cast and some nice acting skills from the new actors on board, particularly Cobie Smulders (aka Robin, HIMYM) and Mark Ruffalo (the New Hulk). The film’s score was also quite good as it managed to help boost the intensity of the action scenes particularly in certain scenes with the Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson)
Overall, The Avengers delivered in everything it set out to be, an epic blockbuster film that manages to live up to all it’s hype. Also don’t miss another bonus scene (which Marvel has being doing quite often) after the first few credits which may hint of what’s next to come in Marvel’s superhero series.
Overall Rating: