Gossip Girl 5×21 Episode Review – Despicable B

Another good episode to the season, not as good as last week but still a good addition that continues to build up what its sure to be a big season finale.
Here’s a run down of what went on..
Diana is apparently a fraud and is not Chuck’s father, she also has something to do with Jack Bass which will unravel next week as Nate and Dan were on a hunt to discover Diana for who she really is, with a bit of sex persuasion… Let’s see how all this unravels next week, this storyline keeps getting better.
Lola found out that her father is William and is Serena’s half-sister,
 which caused a family fight leading to her mother Carol going to jail which was all part of Lily’s plan who teamed up with Ivy to get back her inheritance money, and after all this Lola attempted to team up with Serena to help her get out of jail but was declined and Lola snatched Serena’ gossip girl login details..
Another good storyline but what is happening to the Rhodes.. Serena and Lily have become self centred and  seem to have forgotten about all the people around them, Lily shutting out Rufus and sending her sister to jail for money? and what is she planning to do with Lola? Serena has not even interacted with her social group or seems to care what’s going on their life other than hers and has not even showed any love towards her newly know half-sister and became jealous of her father’s attention towards her? Hope the writers patch this characters back together as it seems they have lost their way..
Speaking of lost ways, Blair had no idea who she was last night and where her life was headed due to her decline in what’s hot on UES, as she ranks lower than Dan as he becomes a hot topic for his new book, which she tries to redeem by stealing the spotlight from him at a book social gathering which fails..
We than get a nice moment from Dair as Dan reminds her of who he had fallen in love with, which she later realizes which she hopes Dan can help her regain.. Dair was much better last night compared to their last week’s storyline.. It looks like were in for some good old fun Blair next week.. check out the promo below.
Also on a side note, Who else felt sorry for Ivy, it seems we have felt this way for a couple of weeks due to Lily’s cold treatment toward her when she just wants to have real family who cares for, she showed her true goodness by ripping up the check Lily handed her.. showing that she doesn’t want her money. Good on Ivy!! Hope she gets some better story lines and a chance to find a real caring family.
Altogether, Last night’s episode was another good episode to the season , with the the final scenes of the episode making it note-worthy as it set up some new questions to already building conclusions that look set to collide in the season finale. Let’s hope it keeps up the drama and ties up the current major storylines nicely.
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