Gossip Girl 5×20 Episode Review – Salon Of The Dead

Diana and Chuck

Now that was an intense episode, the show keeps on getting better just before the season ends..
After the recent episodes had upped the ante, tonight we had reached a higher curve ball in what has come to develop with a major reveal that many had saw coming, so here’s a rundown of what went down.

Serena ditched her good girl image and went against her so called cousin (who happens to be who her half sister which is still unknown my each other) by ruining her movie audition, Diana and Lola now know that she is GG 3.0 and she still continues to be her. Was unexpected from Serena to do this, it seems like she is throwing away who she has become, but still at least gives her something interesting to do. 

Lola on the other hand was getting a taste of the sour side of the UES, and after the trouble she had been put through and caused she decides to leave the UES to return to college thinking there is nothing to hold her down, which little to her knowledge there is because she is the half sister to Serena as mentioned.

Chuck wasn’t around for much of the episode but by the end, he had on of the biggest developments, he finally found out who his mother is, which to everyone’s speculations was Diana (the older woman who slept with Nate multiple times) via GG but by Lola who used Serena’s phone to record it.. Chuck still hasn’t come to grips with this revelation and we look forward to see how this unravels. Also Diana apparently has another major secret to reveal which GG knows about.

Dan and Blair were ready to debut as a couple, but failed to do it by creating a Salon party which ended in disaster with all the drama going on between their friends.. but by the end they figured out how to make it work by just loving each other and not worrying about the completely different world they come from. Although usually fun in past weeks, this story felt weak as was separate from the other story lines going on, and was not matching the mood that was going on in the rest of the episode.

Rufus and Lily reunited after last week’s fight to yet again go back to being on the rocks after Lily discovers that Rufus is paying for Ivy to stay in a hotel which Lily dissaproves of, Was a great deed on Rufus’s part but Lily still hasn’t forgiven Ivy and feels betrayed.. and due to the relationship hiccup Rufus is left with little money, Really feel sorry for Rufus and Ivy because of Lily’s stubbornness.

Overall, another great improvement for the show just as we reach the finishing line of an otherwise average season. If it continues to be as intense as last night’s episode it looks set to go out with a bang.

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