Gossip Girl 5×18 Episode Review – Con-Heir

After a long hiatus, GG finally returned last night with a better installment of the season.. After a couple of down ones before it went on break..
‘Con-Heir’ set up the stage for the finale 4 episodes of the season, and by the looks of it, we’re set for a major improvement in story lines, as some major storlyines started to unfold and shape things to come.
Now let’s look at a break down of last night’s ep.

Dan and Blair were surprisingly not the main focus last night, and rather acted as comic relief for the episode. It was great to see these two together. After a failed attempt to spice things up in the bedroom, they finally found the spark by the end of the episode after a dose of alcohol.
We also got some of the funniest scenes last night from the conservation Blair had with Dorita and Dan and Nate’s conversation of past experiences with Blair (a nice nod to past seasons).

Serena looks set to become GG 3.0 after receiving the laptop from Georgina, and manged to try and expose Ivy via the site, she was also fired for doing this after Nate told her the info was confidential.. and by the end of the ep it looks like GG is not happy with the way she’s running things and wants her sources back.
I have a feeling Serena is about to go all out in the episodes to come to prove GG wrong. Finally the real Serena is back, after a lackluster string of stories.

Ivy continued living in Rufus and Lily’s apartment after the passing of CeCe, and did not back down one bit by Lily’s attempts to regain it and remove her inherited trust fund from her bank account. Lily and conniving William set out to blackmail her (with his own agenda in mind) by trying to gain money from Ivy, in which she agrees. In the end her money is frozen and is forced to pay for the party she had thrown in establishing her UES status..I kinda feel sorry for Ivy as i sense she did share a connection with CeCe which the Van Der Woodsens can not take into acocunt, will be interesting to see how this unravels.

 Lola also joined the Rhodes crew after much resistance and helped them in bringing down Ivy, Also William tonight had a real conversation with his daughter, which is still unknown to Lola and it looks like his feeling bad for not telling her the truth. Nate on the other hand who continues to date Lola, ran in to a major hurdle in his career as he lost a major investor after Serena leaked there top story on the Ivy Scandal to gossip girl.

Chuck was on the back burner last night, but still managed to deliver some interesting story lines which will continue to unravel in the upcoming finale episodes as it was revealed that Jack Bass was not the blood donor that was given to Chuck after his critical accident as Jack has an underlying disease, it was in fact another relative in which Chuck believes to be his mother, i really think that the return of Diana next week has something to do with this as she might share a possible connection to Chuck, and may be the one who donated the blood to keep Chuck alive. Look forward to see how this unravels.

Overall, a great return to the show that managed to set the ball in motion for the home stretch, which looks to be an interesting end to an otherwise average season. (Lets hope so!)

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