Glee 3×16 Episode Review – Saturday Night Glee-ver

A quick review of last night’s episode..
Was another good addition to the season, with some great character developments.. and some encouraging messages..
Quinn was missing from last night’s episode, and Finn, Santana and Mercedes were the major front runner for this episode, and it allowed for them to develop further.
Finn decided he wanted to be an actor and live with Rachel in New York, was a good choice on his part and looks like they will be living happily ever after after all.
Santana got a cheerleader scholarship from Sue and ditched her dream on becoming famous, some good cover from her and a great change in character for her.
Mercedes was a highlight from last night’s episode, as she sang some great cover tunes and might finally achieve her dream of becoming a pop singer thanks to Sam for uploading one of her performances on YouTube. Mercedes and Sam also reunited and they finally had some good story lines together.
Also, Was also good to see some mentions of past glee storylines which is very different for the show after much episodes seem to forget about its past..
Overall, a better than average episode which had some problems, which it has had for a while due to the under use of other characters that seem to be forgotten or left behind in much of this season. It still managed to be better than the majority of the season and provided some entertaining song covers and few better story lines of the season.
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