HIMYM 7×19 – ‘The Broath’ Episode Review

The Broath was another average episode to the season as the story focused to much on Barney and Quinn instead of focusing on the character’s main stories.. although it did this, it still provided some entertaining story lines.
The scheme that Barney & Quinn put on Ted,Marshall Lilly and Robin has us all fooled, as they were quite convincing before it was revealed, they planned for them to disaprove of her and to make a intervention. Although Quinn is new to the show, Barney and her are very similar and have some good chemistry on screen despite how random the storyline interjected into the show.
It was also quite funny to see Ted enthusiastically agree to Barney’s bets over ‘The Broath’ as it allowed for some funny alternative world flashbacks which all backfired on Ted.

Ted & Robin were growing further apart after there recent fling, avoiding each other ever since, but in ‘The Broath’ they finally confronted each other deciding to be friends once again.. They also let each other move on with their lives instead of fighting for Quinn’s apartment, which is later given to Ted by Robin herself as she moves on with her life and gets her career back on track. It was nice to see these 2 back on track rather than being in a rough patch that was going nowhere.

Lily and Marshall were once again as funny as always, really loving them this season with there side stories, tonight Marshall kept telling dirty stories about themselves, which everyone knew was Lily as he has spent his whole life only with one woman in his life, which annoyed Lily a bit as everyone would know about there secrets. In the end he mentioned a story she never heard of , but turned out to be a school ply of peterpan were he by accident fell on top of another girl, which was quite funny and added for another great moment between Lily & Marshall.

Overall, an average episode to the season that still managed to provide some entertaining story lines with a good twist in the end and also had a bit of story development.

Overall Rating: