Gossip Girl Season 5 Finale SPOILERS

Leight and Ed
Thanks To TVFanatic we have gotten and exclusive inside into the season finale of Gossip Girl.
Executive Producer Joshua Safran has reveled some changes that are going to happen before the season ends.
From what his revealed it looks like Dair Fans are in for a treat as they will continue to date throughout this season, Serena will finally make a come back to the show after being in the background for much of this season with a major plot coming up for her.
Diana and Jack Bass will return and it sure looks like they will cause some mayhem for Chuck, finally some good story lines for Chuck, it will all unravel in the season finale as many background or subplots will come together for a showdown.
Ivy will be sticking around as she has signed on as a regular and Lola is set to leave the show and as For Nate , there hasn’t been much news on him.
And finally, one character will undergo some major shock which will shape up the next season.