Ringer 1×13 – “It’s Easy to Cry When This Much Cash Is Involved” Episode Review

Another great episode of Ringer, lets hope this show sticks around for a long time as it continues to deliver drama and mystery each week, but this week was exceptionally good with the a shock twist that many viewers didn’t see coming (Juliet played us for getting assaulted when in fact she was in on it with her teacher and friend to get her trust fund out of her dad)
Bridget was also one step closer to finding out about Siobhans lies, next week look like they will finally come face to face, a showdown that Ringer fans have been waiting for.
Juliets Mum also ads some good relationship drama to the show as she has become friends with Bridget and is trying to mend her relationship with her daughter, much to Andrew’s surprise.
Andrew’s assistant was blackmailing Henry to strike up a business deal with Gemma’s Dad so she can not release a photo of him and the real Siobhan, Now that Henry know’s Siobhan’s secret (although she twisted it a bit) he can’t risk on exposing the scandal. Although Henry was trying to protect her, Siobhan later tells him he has made a big mistake and then she shows him a mysterious audio recording, which is where the episode ended and will have to wait for the next episode to find out what was on it.
Overall, this episode was exceptionally well written. It was a thoroughly entertaining episode that gave plenty of shocks and twists which is what Ringer always aims to do.
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