HIMYM 7×18 Episode Review ‘Karma’

Last night’s HIMYM was another average ep witch ended up delivering a great ending as it set up changes for some of the main characters.
‘Karma’ continued from last week’s story and also picking up the story that was in the ‘Drunk Train’ with Barney falling in love with the local stripper named Quinn, which i found pretty silly from the start since Barney just left Nora and still loves Robin. She played him for money in this episode as he admitted his feelings for her. But by the end the story turned out okay, as Quinn admitted her feelings for him and that she did care for Barney provided some humor as he played back the tricks she used on him.
Robin provided the most humor in this ep, I found myself laughing in every scene were she documented her time with Lily and Marshall by comparing them to zoo animals. She can’t handle staying with them that she decides to move back to the city, and to her shock she finds out that Lily and Marshall miss the city and are not happy in the suburbs. Robin tells them to move back but they feel it is best for the baby to grow up in the suburbs.
Meanwhile, Ted is going crazy after Robin moves out, Imagining Robin is watching over him in ghost form as he tried to make something out of Robin’s old room but then decides he is the ghost in the house and needs to move on from his life and then moves out and leaves the house for Lily and Marshall, which was a best move on Ted’s part providing his friends the happiness deserves.
This provided for a great ending as we were left with some more unanswered questions, making the 2 week wait more unbearable as we don’t know were Ted and Robin have both moved to, my presumption is that he will move into his family home that he was renovating, as for Robin it’s unsure.
Overall, an average episode that unexpectedly provided one of the best HIMYM endings.
Episode Rating: