Gossip Girl 5×17 Episode Review ‘The Princess Dowry’

Now that was a jam-packed episode, heaps of drama and revelations unfolded in last night’s episode.
Although it was all over the place, and some things could easily slip across our mind as it was that over packed it still managed to provide some great drama and further character and relationship development.
Georgina was lacking stories for gossip girl and was in dyer need of some big stories so she decided to crash CeCe’s memorial service which turned out into a Irish like party. It was a bit over the top for Georgina to be in random places at the right time to catch some stories (Carol and Serena’s father). Georgina let her husband take over the duty of gossip girl while she crashed the party and failed as Chuck sent G.G. the info that Dan leaked the wedding video which Georgina’s husband posted but accidenteley posted the sender causing even more trouble for the UES.
Blair was caught in between crossfires, not believing Chuck or G.G. on there info on Dan, which Dan then confirms later on which she doesn’t make a big deal of. Her manager also plays her as Georgina makes a deal with her to bring down Blair once again as the photo of her and Dan kissing is leaked onto G.G. which the Royals become aware of and plan to ruin her life as the dowry is still in motion. By the end of the episode Georgina has gained what she wants and makes a deal with Blair, in which she agrees upon to remove the pre-nup in return for a favor in future en devours.
Ivy was left in the will by CeCe to gain most of her assets, and due to the treatment by the family after finding out about her job with Carol she evicts Lily from the house and plans to move in. I still feel this could of been handled better as Ivy had a connection with the family that she never had with her real family making this revenge seeking version of her seem wrong and unlikely of her, unless there is another agenda we are unaware of yet.
Serena had little to do in this episode besides being in the background, in the end we see that she is unsure about her life as everything seems to be going wrong, this is about to change in coming weeks as Georgina posts her laptop to her containing all of the UES secrets s Georgina leaves for Monica (more bad writing). I guess she will be taking over the role of gossip girl for the time being. This seems like a interesting story for coming weeks.
Lola/Charlie continued to date Nate, while she continued to avoid her family after witnessing the drama that goes on there lives. Lily revealed to Chuck that Jack Bass did a blood transfusion while he was in a critical condition, i sense that Diana maybe returning in the coming weeks as she must play a role in this development. 
Finally, Blair decided to let her relationship with Dan blossom, despite Chuck’s attempts to destroy it as she feels that she belongs with Dan. 
Overall, a unstructured episode that packed to much into one episode but still managed to deliver the drama with further stories and questions that are yet to be solved. We also got some great laugh out lines by Dorota as she usually does in every episode she is in. (her funny Tinker Tailor Soldier reference). After last night’s ep, we will have to wait another month to see how it all unravels as the next episode airs April 2nd.
Episode Rating