Gossip Girl 5×16 Episode Review – ‘Cross Rhodes’

This is my first gossip girl review as finally caught up on the five seasons, and the show’s been great although it suffers ups and downs throughout there season courses, this season has been one of those with heaps of ups and downs.
Monday’s episode was one of those in the up category, as it stepped up a bit after recent weeks that have had some problems in terms of story and drama.
This week’s episode which picked up on major story line’s such as ChIvy (Ivy acting as Charlie) and Blair/Dan’s blossoming romance and how it effects those around around them , particularly there ex’es Chuck and Serena all reached boiling point.
Blair was denying her feelings for Dan after last week’s kiss as she was also trying to keep up her friendship with Serena. She also doesn’t want to destroy her pre-nups as it will destroy her mother Eleanor and herself as they will be left bankrupt. Her attempts to cover her feelings fail as Serena catches Blair kissing Dan once again during a play thats adapting Dan’s book Inside. She then admits to Serena she has feelings for him and begins to date much to Dan’s surprise.
Nate continued to try and win Lola aka the real Charlie Rhodes which helped her discover more about Ivy as she begins to realize something fishy is going on. She then later comes face to face with Ivy at the hospital as CeCe is critically ill and Charlie sees her mother which causes Ivy to admit the truth. Charlie then hides away from her mother feeling betrayed. This story was delivered quite well and i liked how it reached its conclusion for the real Charlie, not Ivy.
Ivy was trying her best to help CeCe as she has been through it before but then was exempted from the Rhodes family as they too felt betrayed. She then contacted Georgina to gain some revenge i assume.
This was pretty week, she should of just tried to gain the Rhodes trust back rather than continue to damage it.
Chuck was back to his usual self, as he was up to his usual tricks (sleeping with the manager of Inside).. jealous of Blair and Dan he aims to destroy Dan’s plan of his new proposed book but then Blair stops him after she gets with Dan. He then fixes his mistakes but then is interrupted by Gossip girl who reveals the sender of Blair’s deceleration of love for Chuck that was released during her wedding causing Chuck to continue his revenge mission on Dan.
The episode also managed to deliver an emotional scene as CeCe passed away in front of her family as she got one last glimpse at what she had accomplished and how glad she was to be with them. RIP CeCe.
Overall, this was a much better episode of the season.It still needs to gain more continuity on other major plots such as the Diana mystery but other than that i thoroughly enjoyed it as it delivered in drama,emotion and focused on it’s primary story lines that it had developed over time.
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