Glee 3×14 Episode Review – ‘On My Way’

Last Night’s Winter Finale of Glee delivered another good episode to the season as many of this season have lacked in what made this show a hit. Although we got some great performances as usual Glee headed in a more serious direction this time around, Glee usually deals with social problems but tonight’s issue of teen suicide was a much more serious topic, and although issue’s are dealt with a witty touch , this was not the case as it is much more serious topic.
Karofsky attempted suicide in this episode after coming out as he was bullied by others and for being ignored by Kurt, he managed to stay alive as friends showed support to him including Kurt who became a friend to him even after all the bullying he had gone through by him, this was a strong issue and didn’t feel like glee.
This episode didn’t have much relationship drama as seen in last week’s love filled episode as it focused on the issue of suicide, although it had a dark mood it still managed to pack in some energetic performances including ‘Glad You Came’ By the Warblers, Fly/I Believe I Can Fly by New Direction and Rachel’s ‘Here’s to Us’ as they headed to Regionals, which New Directions won beating out The Warblers and another opera singing group.
The episode also continued it’s ridiculous plot of Sue being pregnant, her character has been down par in recent eps and this just makes it worse, as we still don’t get why she wants a baby and how did it happen.
It continues to be one of the weakest storylines given to one of the most popular character’s on the show.
Quinn also was centre-stage in this episode as she had some movement in her life as she learns to be positive in the future and remain strong after seeing Karofsky’s attempted suicide. She then was reinstated to being a Cherrio.  But her happiness was cut short as the episodes cliffhanger ended with her texting and driving as she makes her way to Rachel and Finn’s wedding leading her to have a major accident. Her fate is unknown until the show returns in April. We will also discover the fate of Rachel and Finn’s wedding, which no doubt will end in disaster.
Overall a good episode for the shows weakest season to date, it did deliver in some drama and the season finally delivered a good cliffhanger but lacked character continuity and did not focus on other major stories which is what the show has being doing often throughout this season. It also needs to remove some story lines as some are plain ridiculous or just unbelievable aka Sue’s pregnancy. Although it suffers from these problems, tonight addressed some major issues and entertained its fans by giving them a cliffhanger to think about over its winter break.

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