Glee 3×12 – The Spanish Teacher Episode Review

Glee Was A Wreck in tonight’s ep
Ricky Marton on Glee
After last week above average for this seasons episode, which was a Michael Jackson themed episode, we have yet another bad addition to the rest of this lackluster season , so far it has been the worst glee season to date.
This episode had no relevance to past storylines, besides Rachel and Finn’s engagement while the rest had no continuity whatsoever with random storyline’s that were quite silly.
The episode focused to heavily on David (Ricky Martin) who was never heard of before and was just a guest, which this show offers very often as they move away from the most interesting and loved characters to some random characters that the audience has no attachment to, at least make a character that ties in with main cast?
Will’s story was silly as he doesnt even know Spanish, come on writers.
Sue Sylvester, who usually has a great presence on the show was handed the worst storyline, that is her sudden realization that she wants to be a mother..
It was very silly to have no hints of this before, otherwise i would have been fine with it.
Sam and Mercedes did not have good coverage in this ep, as bits and pieces were scattered throughout the ep that had no resolution or depth.
Emma’s story line was also lacking like the rest of tonights character with her pamphlet’s although it did add some humor to the ep 
The best thing about this episode was Santana, as she delivered the best song of the night with guest star Ricky Martin, her scene with will was also a nice scene to a otherwise boring ep.
Overall, this was one of those bad episodes of glee that has been occurring far to often for this season,
the show better pick up on some good story lines, and get back to its old formula that made this show a hit otherwise many fans will be tuning out.
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