Glee 3×11 Episode Review

Well, it was the hyped Michael Episode tonight..
I was expecting the usual bad story lines as the other eps of season 3 have been putting off,
The previous episode was an improvement and this episode surprised me as it managed to deliver in drama and  as usual some pretty decent covers. It was not great but still i nice addition to the lackluster of what season 3 was.
Okay here’s what went down in the new ep, SPOILERS if you havent seen it yet.
Rachel/Finn : There scenes in this ep were a bit boring, but picked up at the end of the episode. Rachel became worried and distressed as she did not receive a certain letter to determine her future and because of this she makes a big decision that she might regret.
Mercedes/Sam: There storyline has been left at bay for a while and has had slow movement, this episode allowed for further development with Mercedes and Sam reuniting. 
Blaine/Kurt: Blaine had a bit more spotlight in this episode until he was injured for the rest of the ep by a slushie that the Warblers had planned. Kurt was as his usual self with less annoying storylines for him as he learns of his future.
Quinn: She had some major character development in this episode as she gets accepted into Yale despite here past, this episode also features some nice nods to the past she has gone through, although the song she sang was the worst one of the ep.
Santana: She did a great job in this episode, her rendition of Smooth Criminal was greatly done and was a highlight of this episode, although no character story for her in this ep, she still ads a great value to this ep.
Artie and the rest: Artie showed his anger at being treated like losers once again with a funny michael jackson segment which added some fun to this ep while the others had less character spotlight.
Overall this episode was a nice addition to a otherwise poor season.
Episode Rating:
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