90210 4×16 – No Good Deed Episode Review

Last night’s 90210 was another great episode for the season
Liam on TV
After a good episode last week we got another great ep for this season, as No Good Deed had a nice balance of drama and comedy in this ep.
Naomi was not in luck this week as her carrer opportunities turned into a disaster for trying to plan the celeberity’s underage daughter, as she spikes punch and tries to have sex. Naomi then sees herself in this girl and helps mend the father-daughter relationship which was otherwise broken. Her story-line in this ep was good but didn’t have a good resolve as it was not shown if her attempt to start up her own company had any hope.
Ivy this week also had a much better story line compared to the past weeks which have been quite boring as we were introduced to a rebel skater who has a streak for creating artwork, he also does not want to help Ivy as he thinks of her as wanting to make money for art rather than showing her real soul in her artwork. Ivy later realizes she doesn’t want to be rich and have fame but to truly express herself and then joins forces with this new guy in creating graffiti type artwork. Looks like trouble is headed in Ivy’s direction.
Annie’s story line also showed further development as realizes her past mistakes and tries making amends by joining a charity which then turns out to be the exact opposite, and that the charity she is working for is doing the opposite of what its set out to do. Although it helped Annie is making efforts to get her life back on track she might end up doing more damage. Annie’s storylines again are lacking as she needs a more greater storyline.
Adrianna and Dixon found themselves on a rocky road this week as Dixon was too focused on his work once again rather than Adrianna’s feelings. He invites her to move in to gain more convenience in working with each other, Come on Dixon why would you do that?
 Adrianna then confides in Silver while Navid helps Dixon get his priorities straight, this scene was a highlight of the ep as it was nice to see both friends helping each other out with the added humor of Silver and Navids lines on what women and men want .. Ade and Dixon then patch things up by Dixon getting himself together and saying that he loves Ade.
Silver and Navid also suffered this ep, but unfortantley was not resolved as Navid was accepted to a college in Preston and they both still had feelings for each other which they were to scared to admit as both waited for the other to admit it, Silver didn’t want to ruin his opportunity and Navid wasn’t sure if she shared the same feelings. Because they both don’t admit it Navid the leaves for Preston.
Weither or not these two get back together will reveal itself in coming weeks. I think they should as they are still clearly in love.
Liam had another good story line, especially his funny scene on a morning show as he tries to further his career from being a model to a tv/movie star. Vanessa then helps by getting him a gig which he embarrasses himself as nerves overcome him .
To fix this Vanessa pays a young women to pretend she is drowning which then leads Liam him rescuing her, which creates good publicity for him.
How will Liam react when he finds out it was all part of Vanessa’s plan and why is she so eager to make him a superstar. Although this storyline has had some problems it showed some improvement tonight and may get even better in the coming weeks.
Also, Naomi’s sister Jen is back with Jaques which looks set to cause trouble, a great surprise to end the episode on, especially when it is does not return for a few weeks, making the wait even longer.
Let’ see how everything unravels when it returns on March 6.
Overall, it was another great episode, hope it continues this way throughout the rest of the season.
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