90210 4×15 Episode Review

Last Night’s 90210 was another improvement in the season as some of this season’s ep 
havent quite made up for the drama that is promised.
Naomi, Liam and Vanessa were a team in this episode to relaunch Offshore bar, the only good thing about this storyline was that we got to see some scenes with Liam/Naomi witch has been a while, and they also threw in some nods to past storylines such as when Naomi mentioned that Liam was good with his hands if she recalled which highlights there past hookups, also Liam mentioning Max again. Naomi also managed to meet a new nerd, which looks set to be her next hookup.Vanessa in this episode was lacking and made her screen time quite boring.
Elsewhere, Ivy was trying her best to score her photography career but ran into a hiccup as the owner of the gallery she was being interviewed for was an ex to the boyfriend she is currently dating, Ivy’s story was the worst part of this episode as it is a dull, ever since Raj has left the picture her storylines have gone downhill.
Silver,Navid and Adrianna’s story was the most interesting plot of the episode as it developed further from what was unraveling, Adrianna finds Silver after learning about Mazy and then sneaked her daughter out of school to spend some time with her. Silver and Navid then searched for her and once found Silver and Adrianna shared a heart to heart as they reconciled their friendship, this scene was quite emotional as Adrianna expresses her pain through the letter she had written. Greg then dumped Silver after learning that she had ties with Adrianna, which was stupid on his part, i feel that this story isn’t finished yet.. ill guess we will find out in the coming weeks.
Lastly, Annie, Dixon and Austin were in hot water as Dixon and Austin’s prank on the sorority house went wrong as they discovered it had caught fire, this subplot was not to bad but needed a greater resolution. Dixon is then arrested by the police as Bree tells the police, when she is the cause of the fire as she tried to get rid of her escort client list causing the house to go up in flames. Annie was then left with the decision to either leave her brother or save her self as the police will find out about her escort ways.
Annie then admits the truth to Austin and he then takes the fall, Dont know if this is how he has been written off but if it is that would be disappointing as he was not the cause of the fire.
Overall another improvement for the season, next week should be another good ep if it continues this improvement.
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